Finishing School Course

Are you ready to finish your training and get on the floor?

Cutting and Colour. Minimum experience 30 months required

The Queen Academy Finishing School is a tailor made course to get you qualified in the shortest time offering the best value. Designed for the young hairdresser about to begin building their own clientele, who wishes to polish their skills over a concentrated period of days or weeks this course is ideal to get on the salon floor cutting and colouring with real confidence and skill.

We all know that our industry is made up of many varied businesses, so the idea that a four-year apprenticeship will be the same in all of them is just not a reality.

The Finishing School at Queen Academy will allow you to focus intensely on the specific areas where you need to concentrate - with hands-on practical experience from our educators that will focus and develop all your skills to deliver impressive, professional results in cutting, colouring and styling - as you begin your next step in your commercial career in hairdressing.

Our initial assessment will establish your needs and then our workshop model will provide you with individualised tuition to allow conquer all the techniques you will use to become a confident hairdresser. Call us to find out how this flexible course can be tailor-made to suit the time you have and the budget you have allocated, with easy payment options available to assist you get the start you deserve, in your exciting new career.

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