About Queen Academy

At Queen Academy, we believe in the career of hairdressing being founded upon and nurtured by strong and continued education. The success of Queen has been achieved in this simple process, coupled with the principle 'love what we do' - and now we are ready to give these skills to you here at Queen Academy. Our highly motivated and skilled team will ensure your education experience equips you to be the best that you can be, and to 'do what we love'. Queen Academy Hairdressing Courses are designed to equip graduates with all the skills necessary to compete in today's competitive job market - both at home and abroad.

Our focus on both the practical and theoretical elements of hairdressing - combined with our workshop-based 'real world' experience – ensures the student is best placed to impress potential employers looking for the right staff.

"Having worked in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years and hiring hundreds of staff in that time, I know what employers are looking for and Queen Academy ticks all those boxes."

John Maher, Salon Director.

Queen Academy offers the following hairdressing courses: