A guide to full head blonde highlights

Several are the reasons why highlights have been so vastly popular and have stood the test of time like few other styling options. They are individually tailored to best match both the desires and the existing color scheme of clients. They are easy and simple to maintain. They mark a slight but significant change of appearance. And the most noted of all are the full head blond highlights.

Regardless of whether you want to gradually transition into completely blonde or are looking to add more sun kisses to your current color, full head blonde highlights won’t disappoint.

How are full head blonde highlights created?

The treatment behind creating full head blonde highlights is vastly the same as with any other kind of highlights and is most commonly done by foiling. This means that individual hair strands are separated from the rest by putting them between two pieces of foil and then bleach is hand-applied to make the hair lighter.

What makes full head blonde highlights specific is the amount of hair treated and the specific shades that are being created. Contrary to partial highlights, full head means that there are strands treated from all the sections of your hair, including top and bottom layers. This creates a fuller and a richer look and is intended for those who are looking for a greater transformation. Blonde highlights are achieved by applying larger amounts of bleach, letting it absorb for a slightly longer time and potentially even introducing heat to increase and hasten the absorption. The specific details will vary, but the general rule is that the darker the base color is the more time and product is needed to lighten it.

Moreover, those whose hair color is still their natural color and hasn’t been dyed will be happy to know that there is also a gentler way to achieve full head blonde highlights than bleach. High lift color technique allows you to lighten your hair to any desired shade within one or more trips to the salon while preserving your hair health as much as possible.

Going blonde with full head blonde highlights

With color transformations as radical as suddenly going blonde, there are two main factors the professional hairdresser will focus on when making a decision on how to best perform it: the darkness of your current color and the overall healthiness of your hair. They are equally important because the former suggest the amount of bleach and toning products required to achieve the desired tone and the latter hints to the amounts that your hair can safely take without suffering too much damage.

So, the two main options for going blonde are bleach & tone and full head blonde highlights.

Bleach and tone technique

The bleach and tone technique is great if your current color is already fairly light and mildly-pigmented and if your hair is sufficiently healthy to safely undergo the procedure. This technique allows for the entire transformation to occur within a single visit to the hairdresser’s and is great for those who want a rapid change.

Full head blonde highlights

On the other hand, full head blonde highlights are used to make a gradual transition from darker shades into blonde without bleaching your entire hair at once. Not only is this a more satisfying option for those who like more subtle changes and enjoy their process, it’s also a much healthier choice for the hair itself since it is treated gradually while allowing some healing time between the appointments. Blonde full head highlights will instantly provide an overall lighter appearance and the complete transformation is achieved through repetition of the process while making your highlights paler and more numerous every time.

Additionally, there are also aesthetic reasons for choosing to go blonde using full head blonde highlights. Whereas bleach and tone technique will result in a uniform shade and a single color of your hair, highlights’ carefully curated color combinations of varying shades and even colors will visually add more texture and structure to your hair. Individual strands ranging from the lightest blondes up to even browns are sure to give you a rich and completely unique look specifically tailored to match your tan.

How are full head blonde highlights maintained?

Even though use of conditioners and nourishing masks is always a good idea, regardless of your hair type and treatment history, it is even more important for bleached out and dyed hair. Since the chemicals deprive the hair of necessary hydration and can cause dullness and brittleness, regular application of moisturizers and other nutritive products will keep your hair strong and healthy while maintaining the look you want. So, make sure you apply conditioners after shampooing and rinsing your hair and use hair masks once a week. Additionally, there are also moisturizing oils and foams suitable for all hair types which will help maintain the desired sleekness of your hair.

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